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Sarai in CA

"Hello! I've been reviewing your website for a little while. Your products are gorgeous especially the bracelets and the gift box.   I may even buy some for my family!."

Elizabeth in CA

When I first saw the DIVAS products I was speechless!  Just shocked at how elegant they were and even more so when she told me she created it.  There's a type of jewelry that I love to wear unique, classy, one-of-a-kind, original and sophisticated.  Her products make me feel elegant when I'm feeling down or sad and I have to go somewhere I would put on the DIVAS jewelry.  I would be elevated and have a different attitude.  The pieces inspired me!  Some of the items are things I've never seen before they are just different!  I have a few upcoming trips and I plan to showcase/model my items and blow some minds lol! 
Whew I'm so  excited!!!

Thalia in CA

Statement pieces always seemed to be evocative of everything I was trying to portray until I realized that a true statement piece should accent who I am striving to be... A woman of substance.   Every DIVAS and DAVIDS piece I own is a revelation of who God says I am, every piece carries a story that I want my life to tell.  

Thank you Janice Marie for what the brand represents, I hope I wear it well!

It is an absolute continued honor to patronize Divas and Davids before and after its official inception. The detail is unique and I am always excited to view the new products. My custom jackets and purses are my go-to collabs for outer apparel and accessories."

Sophia in CA

My friend, Janice Marie, she owns Exclusively HIS/Divas and Davids LLC which makes beautiful jewelry! I was delighted when I clicked to look at the offerings!!! Such lovely pieces! I was even MORE delighted when my order arrived!! From the thoughtful packaging to the superb quality of the bracelets, I was thrilled. They are skillfully designed with excellent quality beads. The photos do not do them justice!! Heavy, artistic beads with deep, rich colors and designs! Janice, I can't thank you enough for these amazing pieces! Please support my friend's business!

You will not be disappointed!

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